Our Intervention Order Lawyers are experienced in dealing with both Family Violence Intervention Orders and Personal Safety Orders, including interim orders and final orders. Our lawyers have had considerable practice in all matters relating to Intervention Orders (IVO’s) and can help you if:

1) You have been served with an Intervention Order

2) You wish to defend an Intervention Order that has been issued against you

3) You wish to vary a condition of an Intervention Order

4) You have breached a condition of your Intervention Order

The police can arrest and charge a person who is the respondent of an Intervention Order for breaching conditions of the order. This means that they will be brought to Court to answer the charges and may be remanded in custody until the case is finally determined. If charged with breaching an Intervention Order, the penalties can include conviction and fine, or up to 2 years imprisonment. Our lawyers will defend clients involved in breaching Intervention Orders.

A breach of Intervention Order is considered a serious criminal offence that can attract a term of imprisonment. Do not put your future at risk – obtain high quality legal representation and engage our experienced firm of solicitors who will take the time to understand your case, your personal circumstances and obtain the best possible result for you.

If you have a matter relating to an Intervention Order, we urge you to contact our experienced legal team and speak to one of our Intervention Order Lawyers immediately to discuss how we can help you.


It is crucial that you obtain the right legal advice before participating in a police record of interview.  What you say in that interview may see you convicted of an offence that you otherwise may not be, simply because you are confused, scared, and do not understand your legal rights.  For more information about participating in a police record of interview click here.

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