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We understand that you may find yourself in trouble at inconvenient times, but we are here for you and are available for emergency contact 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Contact us immediately if you have been approached by the police regarding a legal matter.  We can take steps to assist you, even if you haven’t been charged.  This may help you to avoid charges altogether.

The key to success is getting in touch with us as quickly as possible, and having Ondrik Larsen Lawyers prepare your case diligently to develop the best strategy for your case.

What we will do once we have your instructions to act is:

•    We will start working immediately without delay.  Every minute counts towards getting you the best outcome.

•    If you have already been charged, we will start preparing your case.  This includes speaking to the police on your behalf, obtaining your brief and any other documents or information relating to your case from the police or other prosecuting authority;

•    We will develop a case strategy identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the prosecution case and advise you of how the matter should proceed;

•    We will provide you with realistic advice, including being upfront and honest about your prospects.

•    Rest assured we will evaluate your case, thoroughly examining all elements with a fine toothcomb to ensure that every fact, matter, and issue is investigated and used in your defence.

Contact one of our lawyers today, and you can rest easy knowing that you have a solid legal team on your side.

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Our criminal lawyers are available for contact 24 hours a day.

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