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Our Fees:


We will discuss our fees with you at your first conference, and will provide you with our written costs disclosure statement clearly setting out our fees and an estimate of the likely legal fees for your case.

We are a boutique firm who charge our clients reasonable prices for our services.  Where possible, we will charge fixed fees so you know exactly how much your case will cost from the beginning, with no hidden extras.

We pride ourselves on being open to our clients about our fees and your trust is valuable to us, so you can feel confident in knowing that we will not hit you with any hidden charges.

We believe that every person is entitled to have the best legal representation and that money shouldn’t stop this from happening.  If you have tried to get legal aid assistance elsewhere but do not qualify, contact our office to discuss your circumstances and we will do our best to come to a payment arrangement.

If you would like to know more, please contact our office today.

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