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Driving charges can lead to serious consequences.  If you have received an infringement notice for driving & traffic offences, a notice to appear or a charge and summons, it is important to have skilled driving offence lawyers on your side who will examine the case against you thoroughly and may save your driver’s licence and avoid a jail term. Laws relating to driving & traffic offences are technical, complex and constantly changing, in fact the laws have changed as recently as 30 April 2018. It is for this reason that it is crucial for you to seek advice from Ondrik Larsen Lawyers who are highly experienced traffic and driving offence lawyers. We understand the legislation and are up to date with all changes to the law.

In our experience, we have come across many clients who simply did not realise that a driving offence is serious enough to require legal representation, or that they could receive a jail sentence. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that a significant number of people are sentenced to imprisonment for driving & traffic offences on a regular basis. This is why getting the right legal representation from our driving offence lawyers can make a real difference not only to your future but to your freedom. Your driving record can affect your ability to obtain motor vehicle insurance as well as future employment, and is something that should be taken seriously.

We understand that for many people, their licence is their livelihood. We will explore all defences and look for technicalities in the police case that may see you back on the road and continue to earn a living. It is crucial to hire lawyers who know what they’re talking about and who won’t encourage you to plead guilty just because it’s the easiest thing to do. We believe that every client has a chance of winning their case and we will exhaust all avenues.

If however, we find that the odds are not in your favour, we will advise you of this immediately and will represent your best interests in preparing your case. We will do everything we can to ensure that a Magistrate does not exceed the minimum sentence. We understand that your life, your future and your livelihood rely on getting the best result and that’s what our goal is for you.

Our criminal lawyers represent clients in all driving offences including, for example:

  • Speeding
  • Drink Driving – including exceeding the prescribed limit of blood-alcohol limit (BAC); refusing breath or blood test; failing to have zero blood-alcohol
  • Drug Driving – including driving while drug impaired or with a prescribed illicit drug present in fluid or blood; refusing to provide a sample of oral fluid; refusing to undergo drug impairment assessment; refusing to provide a sample of blood or urine after a drug impairment assessment
  • Driving while disqualified/cancelled or suspended
  • Unlicenced driving
  • Careless driving
  • Dangerous driving – including driving at a speed dangerous and driving in a manner dangerous
  • Recklessly causing serious injury
  • Dangerous driving causing serious injury and death
  • Culpable driving

We are also experienced in:

  • Appeals against VicRoads licence cancellation, suspension or variation (including demerit points)
  • Appeals against notices of immediate suspension (Section 51 Notices)
  • Appeals to the County Court from the Magistrates’ Court
  • Applications for permission to drive

Depending on the type of driving offence, you can be dealt with in one of the following ways:

  1. Infringement notice (for example: speeding, disobeying traffic lights, some drink driving offences)
  2. Charge and Summons (to appear in court)
  3. Notice to appear (in court)
  4. Arrest and bail (in cases involving serious offences, or where for example there is doubt as to driver’s identity and other limited circumstances)

For further information about traffic and driving offences, click on the following links:

If you have been spoken to by police about a driving matter, click here for information about what to do next.

For all traffic and driving offences, contact Ondrik Larsen Criminal Lawyers for a confidential discussion about how our driving offence lawyers can help you.

Our office is located at 1/545 King Street, West Melbourne, Victoria, but we service all areas throughout Victoria and interstate.

Our criminal defence lawyers represent clients with drink driving cases and all other driving charges, from the metropolitan region of Melbourne, be it the Northern suburbs, Southern suburbs, Eastern suburbs, or Western suburbs of Melbourne, as well as regional and country Victoria and also Australia wide.  We represent clients in the Magistrates’ Courts, County Courts and Supreme Courts.  For more information about the locations we service, please click here.


It is crucial that you obtain the right legal advice before participating in a police record of interview.  What you say in that interview may see you convicted of an offence that you otherwise may not be, simply because you are confused, scared, and do not understand your legal rights.  For more information about participating in a police record of interview click here.  Or call our office to speak to our criminal lawyers.

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