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If your licence is about to be suspended due to an accumulation of demerit points, come in and talk to our demerit points & licence suspension lawyers as quickly as possible.  We understand how demerit points should be calculated and are experienced in appeals against VicRoads.  We will obtain and carefully examine your driving history to ensure that an error has not been made and that your licence is not being suspended by mistake.  If your licence has already been suspended, we are still able to explore the possibility of having the suspension lifted.

There are some offences, such as excessive speeding and drink driving, which carry a mandatory (compulsory) license suspension or cancellation period.  This means that if you are found guilty a Magistrate cannot order a period of licence suspension or cancellation less than the mandatory period.  It is also important to know that a Magistrate has discretion (an option) to impose a period of licence suspension or cancellation for any offense, it does not have to be a driving offense.

Any period of licence suspension ordered by a Magistrate will be in addition to any demerit point suspension period that you are facing.  This means that if you are currently serving a demerit point suspension, and your licence is suspended by a magistrate during this period, the demerit point suspension will be paused until you complete your court ordered suspension.  Once the court ordered suspension is finalised, your demerit point suspension period will be reactivated from the point where it was paused.

You must not drive while your licence is suspended or disqualified/cancelled – if you do, you can be charged with a criminal offence.  Penalties for driving whilst suspended or disqualified/cancelled include imprisonment.  It is an offence that is taken very seriously by the courts and in our experience we have had many clients come to us who, unfortunately through other representation or lack of representation, had already spent time in jail for driving offences.  If you have been charged with driving whilst suspended or disqualified/cancelled, contact our criminal lawyers immediately and we will work on a plan of action without delay and put every effort into maintaining your liberty.

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If you have lost your licence for a driving offence or accumulated demerit points and want to learn about your options, contact our demerit points & licence suspension lawyers today!

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