If you have been visited by the Sherriff’s Office, or have thousands of dollars’ worth of outstanding infringements & fines that need addressing, reducing or revoking, then call Ondrik Larsen Lawyers.  This may be for matters such as traffic violations, parking fines, public transport fines, court fines, or enforcement orders.

You may have just realised that a number of outstanding infringements & fines in your name don’t actually belong to you – you may have sold your car to someone else but they incurred fines before the car was transferred in their name, or lent your car to someone who incurred the fines.  Whatever the case may be, contact our office and we can help you.

It is best to sort out your unpaid fines prior to the Sherriff knocking on your door or clamping your tyres at the local shopping centre, because at that stage, your options are limited.

We can make an application for revocation of your outstanding fines, and depending on the circumstances, either have the fines withdrawn completely, or significantly reduce your debt – but the key to success will be getting in touch with us as soon as possible.



If you have received a speeding fine (whether it be on the spot or from the traffic camera office), a fine for drink driving, or any other type of traffic infringement notice, we can assist you to make a decision about what steps to take.  We will advise you of your prospects of having the infringement notice withdrawn, the benefits and disadvantages of objecting to an infringement notice, or whether to pay the fine and accept the penalty.

If your infringement notice states that your licence will be suspended, the only way to save your licence is to challenge the offence and have the matter determined in your favour by a court.  Otherwise, you are guaranteed to lose your licence for the period specified on the infringement notice.

Likewise, if your infringement notice states that you will lose demerit points, the only way to stop those demerit points from being recorded with VicRoads, is to challenge the offence and beat the infringement in Court.

We believe that every client has a chance of winning their case and we will exhaust all avenues in your defence.   One thing we can guarantee is that if you don’t challenge an infringement notice that carries a licence suspension or demerit points (this may be for a drink driving, drug driving or speeding offence), you are guaranteed to lose your licence for the specified period.

If you have received a traffic infringement notice, contact our office as soon as possible to discuss your options.

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