Not all criminal prosecutions involve Victoria Police or the Australian Federal Police.  Criminal charges can be initiated by, for example:

•    Local government/local councils;
•    Australian Tax Office (ATO);
•    Department of Transport;
•    Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) – including e.g. fisheries offences;
•    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission;
•    Other agencies authorised by legislation or by-laws to initiate criminal prosecutions.

We represent clients under a range of different laws, including alleged breaches of the:

•    Building Act and Regulations;
•    Domestic Animals Act;
•    Food Act;
•    Fisheries Act;
•    Local laws;
•    Planning and Environment Act;
•    Road Management Act.

If you have been charged with an offence by a non-police agency, you must get legal advice straight away.  As with police charges, if you are found guilty you may receive a criminal record and be liable to significant penalties including hefty fines or even imprisonment.  It can also have devastating effects on your financial circumstances including your current and future employment, so you must get the right advice from experienced lawyers who will protect your interests.

Your best defence is to contact Ondrik Larsen Lawyers for professional legal representation in relation to council & government department offences.  We will give your case the attention it needs to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your future.

We won’t take shortcuts.  We will examine every aspect of the case against you and will not advise you to plead guilty just because it may be the simplest thing to do.

If you have been spoken to, investigated, or charged with an offence relating to a local council or other government department offence, click here for information on what to do next.

Ondrik Larsen lawyers are here to help you, so contact us today to start protecting your interests and your future immediately.


It is crucial that you obtain the right legal advice before participating in a police record of interview.  What you say in that interview may see you convicted of an offence that you otherwise may not be, simply because you are confused, scared, and do not understand your legal rights.  For more information about participating in a police record of interview click here.

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