Our criminal lawyers at Ondrik Larsen Lawyers do not actively seek media attention when we represent our clients.

Whilst having our names published in the paper may ultimately draw prospective clients to our services, or perhaps even assist us with Google rankings – that is not our priority.

Our number one priority is our clients.

We would NEVER jeopardise our client’s desire to avoid public embarrassment for the sake of having our names published in the media.

You can rest assured that with our criminal law firm, we will never contact the media to report on your criminal case.

The Age – Friday 11 November 2016:  What to do if you’re arrested


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We’re here to help. Criminal Law matters can be complicated, our criminal defence lawyers are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your legal situation.

If the police want to speak to you or have already spoken to you, it’s important to contact our criminal lawyers today – we will help you!

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