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Our criminal lawyers are highly experienced in varying bail conditions imposed by a court, bail justice or the police once a person has been granted bail. We are experienced in making applications for bail variations in the Magistrates’ Court, County Court or Supreme Court.

If you want to vary your bail conditions, whether it be a temporary variation (you may wish to go on a holiday or need to be with family interstate or overseas and will be unable to report to police for a certain period); or a permanent variation (such as moving address, removing or reducing reporting conditions or removing a curfew), we can help you, so contact Ondrik Larsen Lawyers today.


If you have provided a surety to the court for a friend or relative’s bail application and wish to have this surety released back to you, contact Ondrik Larsen Lawyers. We can assist you with this process to ensure that your surety is released to you without complication and delay.


For further information regarding bail applications, click the following links:

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