Common violence and assault charges include:

•    Affray
•    Assault
•    Assaulting or Resisting Police
•    Attempted Murder
•    Extortion with Threats to Destroy Property
•    Extortion with Threats to Kill
•    Intentionally Causing Injury
•    Intentionally Causing Serious Injury
•    Kidnapping
•    Manslaughter
•    Murder
•    Negligently Causing Serious Injury
•    Recklessly Causing Injury
•    Reckless Conduct Endangering Life
•    Reckless Conduct Endangering Serious Injury
•    Threats to Inflict Serious Injury
•    Threats to Kill

If the police want to speak to you about a violence related offence or possible assault charges or if you have been charged with any violence related matter, your best defence is to contact Ondrik Larsen Lawyers today.  We will give your case the attention it needs, to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your future.

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If you have been spoken to by police or have been charged with a violence or assault related offence, click here for further information on what to do next.


It is crucial that you obtain the right legal advice before participating in a police record of interview.  What you say in that interview may see you convicted of an offence that you otherwise may not be, simply because you are confused, scared, and do not understand your legal rights.  For more information about participating in a police record of interview click here.

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